Want to Plant Maple Trees? Take Note of These Reminders!

The initial stage of planting a Japanese maple tree, whether individually or on a commercial scale, is a decisive moment for the life of the plant. Certain cautionary steps can increase the growth rate and this endeavor will turn out to be profitable. The chosen site for the plant should be selected keeping in mind the sunlight, the flow of air, and the condition of soil.

The digging of the site is the first step when you have made sure that the site is fulfilling all the necessary elements.

Digging involves certain steps that should be flowed in order to get the desirable results. Take out the soil out of the ground, the amount of soil to be removed from the ground usually depends upon the size of roots but it should span 2 to 3 times the size of the root system. This is to accommodate the future expansion of the roots which need extra space. If this proportion is ignored at this stage then it is possible that the roots will intermingle with the neighboring trees.

If you are planting the tree indoor then it usually involves the use of pots and containers. In that case, the structure of roots should be spread across the whole container, this way the plant will easily manage its roots over the period of time. But this process should be done with some caution as roots are the most sensitive part of the pant and need extra attention. Think of the roots as a human brain, they control all the major functions of the plant including transportation of water throughout the plant so too much expansion of roots at this stage can cause them to lose control of the different sections of the plant.

Always try to place the plant in a container in the best possible way which usually means in the center of the container, this is a reminder because at this stage you can easily adjust the position of the plant which becomes quite difficult once the plant is fully established. After doing this you can fill the rest of the container with the suitable soil.

The plant most of the time comes in a bag made up of jute fabric, there is no need to remove them before putting the tree into the soil, the reason behind this suggestion is that the jute fabric will disintegrate by itself. But to make ensure that the roots will spread across easily you can remove this bag. If the bag is made up of any other un-dissolvable material then it should be certainly be removed.

Only smaller shrubs and trees come in the bags, the larger trees are mostly available with baskets. Before planting the larger trees you must remove all the metallic objects attached to the baskets, but it is suggested not to remove the basket as this action can damage the root system that is securely placed inside the basket. One thing that should be taken into account at this stage is to ensure that the roots get easy access to the soil and this can be achieved by drilling some openings into the basket.

After planting the tree make sure to water the plant immediately so that it can recover all the moisturizer that is lost during this hectic job. You can also try making a loop around the tree in order to limit the supply of water only to the single tree, which sometimes proves to be very useful as in most cases without this loop the water will not reach properly to all corners of the tree.

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